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What improvements are proposed? | September 15, 2009

On 136th Street, there are sidewalks on some stretches and not on others. What sidewalks exist are not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. In one place, there is a tree growing right through the middle of the sidewalk, obstructing the pathway.

The Transportation Benefit District will repair inadequate sidewalks 136th Street, between Ambaum Blvd SW and Des Moines Memorial Drive.  It will also build bike lanes going in each direction.  This project would connect to the city’s existing pedestrian and bike facilities on 4th Ave SW, connecting to Burien’s downtown.

8th Ave S is entirely without sidewalks between S 136th St and S 128th St.  The Transportation Benefit District would build an 8-foot wide “multi-purpose facility,” which is a concrete path shared by pedestrians and bicyclists, along 8th Ave S.  This project would connect Cedarhurst Elementary School to the city’s pedestrian and bike network, enabling students there to walk and bike to school safely.


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