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Seattle moves forward on Pedestrian Master Plan | September 22, 2009

Our big neighbor to the north, Seattle, is moving ahead with the adoption of its own updated Pedestrian Master Plan.

As Slog and the PI both note, Seattle’s plan for building sidewalks and other pedestrian improvements may be encumbered by the lack of a dedicated revenue stream for implementing the Pedestrian Master Plan.  Burien and Seattle both have ambitious lists of projects to make getting around by foot and bike easier.  But these projects must compete with varying other city priorities, like roads, police, and parks.

By securing a dedicated revenue stream for pedestrian projects, Burien will be a big step ahead of where we are now and a big step ahead of Seattle.  We’ll make big progress on our to-do list, as opposed to the very slow progress we are making today.  One more reason to vote YES on the Sidewalks and Bikes Levy!

Plan to make Seattle more walkable approved by City Council

Will there be money in tough times to follow through?


The City Council on Monday approved the city’s pedestrian master plan, a resolution that advocates for spending up to $15 million a year in the future to make Seattle a more walkable city.

“This is a huge milestone,” said Councilmember Sally Clark. “This is about recognizing that transportation is truly multi-modal in Seattle.” …

City Council members are hopeful that when Mayor Greg Nickels presents his budget for 2010 later this month that it will include significant money for making the city easier to navigate on foot.

Seattle, like many governments, is facing budget problems. The city’s estimated operating deficit for next year is $72 million.


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